Modern interior design in our homes and at the workplace consists of many elements with lights being a crucial factor of a truly zen décor.

Artificial lights have been recognized as a mood building aspect and are considered a part of human natural day cycle. The lights decide about our performance, awareness and finally, as evenings become darker, they play a vital role in letting us unwind and relax after an active day.

"...ambient interior lights
have a significant impact
on human wellbeing."

Smart design, mood improving light scenes are used in hospitality sector as well as being recognized as a performance improving element in corporate offices. Limited budget with which one must work with designing interior is most often a decisive factor therefore cost efficiency is vital when choosing your supplies and solutions.

Lit-up coving, dropped ceiling or a simple perimeter light are the most sought for methods for indirect lighting. Weather you decide to down-light your walls or up-light ceilings is up to you, but the key element is to make sure that the light source is not visible nor intrusive. As a solution provider, Lumeno R&D is on a constant lookout for new ideas, and products that can make these projects easier and faster for our partners.

Aluminium profiles are an ideal solution for incorporating lighting into interior designs.The new GLOW12 series: GLOW12 UP and GLOW12 DOWN, both offer solution for indirect lighting in suspended ceilings to provide interiors with a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.

Depending on the model used, a soft, diffuse glow of light can be achieved on the ceiling or wall surfaces. In order to light up a ceiling – choose the LED GLOW12 UP profile, if you wish to illuminate a wall – choose the LED GLOW12 DOWN profile. Either one of the models in GLOW12 series will deliver an aesthetically pleasing finish to any suspended ceiling.

"...a key aspect of a light design
is making sure
that the light source
is not visible nor itrusive."

GLOW12 was designed for standard thickness plasterboard @12,5mm. The mounting wing in both profiles makes installation easier and the visible part of the profiles creates a slick and even finish. A perfect ceiling edge can be achieved quickly and easily. An identical end cap has been fitted to both profiles. Toned, ambient interior lights have a significant impact on human wellbeing. Our new solutions will turn any rainy autumn interior into a magical, glowing evening!

Glow Series