Modern day LED Strips installation cannot be imagined without the use of wide variety of aluminium extrusions. Whether its glass cabinet, kitchen press, ceiling linear light, wardrobe or a stylish wall lamp, there is an aluminium profile for each application. With the growing need for brighter and more powerful flexible lights, heat generated by LED’s became a limiting factor when using higher wattage LED's. Keeping LED lighting at a stable working temperature is one of the key factors in reaching required and expected lifespan. To counter this issue use of aluminium heat sink became the only right solution.

"Aluminium profiles
are ideal heat sinks
for dissipating temperature
generated by LED"

Lower temperatures mean better conditions for the LEDs, which automatically extends their lifetime and preserves the initial quality of the transmitted light for a longer time.This also translates onto savings – it takes much longer before the light source needs to be replaced. Aluminium profiles are an investment that pays off.

As much as heat dissipation, aluminium profiles also provide protection for LED sources from mechanical damage. The installation is much more durable compared to simply sticking the LED tape to the surface directly. It provided a rigid guide for installation keeping flexible strips in straight lines. Aluminium profiles converts simple flexible ribbons into fully finished, stylish luminaries.

In addition to system mountings, which fit a wide variety of profiles, many profile series come with dedicated solutions for more advanced, specialised applications.

"Aluminium profiles convert
simple flexible ribbons
into fully finished,
stylish luminaries"

Aluminium profiles supplied by Lumeno are available in 3 finishes:

  • silver anodised aluminium,
  • painted white – powder coating,
  • black anodised aluminium,

Aluminium profile accessories include*: end caps (EC), diffusers (DIF), mounting brackets (BR), connectors(LC), clamps, slings and many more.

Aluminium Profile Series