WARP II - AC LED Dimming System

Introducing LUMENO AC LED TRIAC Dimmable Modules. WARP II is an entirely wireless RF, multi-device interaction dimming & control system. Designed to work with all types of 230V TRIAC dimmable led lights, covering LED Strips, Panels as well as lamps and bulbs via wireless inline AC modules.  Warp II can be used in any existing 230V circuits with dimmable lights.

Market Limitations

Market leading rotary dimmers come with insufficient maximum capacity (aprox. 100W or 10 lamps limit), forcing installation to expand into multi-gang switches or push project into expensive and complex DALi dimming systems. With extra capacity comes heat and noise making high capacity dimmers un-usable in human occupied rooms.

Powerful Dimming Modules

WARP II dimming modules come in two variations. LM-1009SAC with a maximum capacity of 150 Watt (LED) and LM-1009AC with a dual output, maximum capacity of 576 Watt (2x 288W). Modules are installed in line with AC lights circuits above the ceiling or a centralized location within the room and are controlled wirelessly with RF Remote interfaces.

Limitless Installations

Even though dimming modules come with a specified max load limitations, it doesn’t quantify the maximum WARP II capabilities. Each human control interface can be synched with an unlimited number of LM-1009SAC/AC dimming modules, making maximum system wattage absolutely limitless. Multiple modules can also be grouped into zones and controlled simultaneously with a number of human interfaces.

Simplicity is the key

Warp II dimming system doesn’t require extra knowledge or specialist training and can be installed by any qualified electrician. Paring adopted from WARP series brings down system setup to a single button push.

warp dimming


Installation in a conference room involving 20 pcs of LUMENO Horizon II LED Panels 45 Watt, each paired with LM-PSD45C dimmable drivers. Total system load requirement >=900 Watt. Instalation specified two wall plate interfaces for dimming at each entrance, with option for remote control.
  • 2x LM-1009AC – 576 Watt AC dimming module - each with 10 panels connected on one circuit. (Max capacity 1152 Watt)
  • 2x LM-CT2380AC – 4 zone glass face, touch control wall plate
  • 1x LM-CT2833 – 4 zone remote control 
  • Perfect dimming performance 5-100%
  • Low maintenance installation
  • No extra wiring involved – existing mains circuit is being divided into 2 by installing LM-1009AC modules in line with panels.
  • Safe, fully isolated, clean control interface
Full list of devices within WARP II series.

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