Skyline - LED Sign Light Solution

Lumeno SKYLINE is a custom made in-house product designed for various signage applications. Lightweight, slim and inconspicuous aluminium alloy shell combined with IP rated commercial grade strip lights series offers truly versatile solution. Fully customisable in length, brightness, wattage as well as light colour, with specification defined and dictated by custom requirements. Provide us with basic project information i.e. sign’s length, height, preferred light colour and we will spec, price and prep it for you, ready for installation. Each sign application comes with different clients requirements. Whether it’s cool white, warm white or colour changing we’ve got it all covered. In addition to the colour of light, SKYLINE comes with a selection of distinct diffusers and optics to provide needed angle of light or glare.

What is it made of?

Skyline sign light is made out of round aluminium extrusion LM-AL-RO which is supplied in two meter length bars, paired with your selection of diffuser. In order to extend over 2 meters, a linear joiner is supplied to hold individual pieces and make it into one.  Wall mounting is made using ARM bracket that holds the light 250mm away from the wall at a perfect 45° angle to provide best lighting effect. Skyline comes with our standard anodized aluminium finish, but if you require a particular colour we’ll do the paint job for you.

With LUMENO LED strips as light source, SKYLINE can be supplied with a power varying from 4.5 Watt to 20 Watt per meter. Lumen output of the finished product can reach up-to 1300LM per meter! All Lumeno commercial grade strip lights come with 3 years replacements warranty, giving you assurance that your SKYLINE led Signlight will provide long lasting illumination.

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