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RGB'30 - IP55 RGB LED Strip

Product Code: LM-ST5060RGB
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    Lumeno Standard RGB Strips are a commercial grade colour changing flexible lights able to produce 256 shades of colours. With 150LED/m and only 7.5 Watt ST5060RGB provide perfect coloured background decoration at a minimal power consumption. Even though ST5060RGB are only 7.5W/m (30LED) which may seem like low power, they provide light output strong enough to outperform most 60/led per meter rgb strips available on the market. This performance has been achieved using 19-21 LM/W 5050 Chips series. Having 3oz FPC used as a base, Lumeno RGB stips never overheat therefore they don't loose brightness when working long hours. Main benefit of ST5060RGB series is lower accessory power requirements for amplifiers or drivers, lowering cost of the overall installation. ST series of Lumeno RGB strip is the first choice for commercial applications where high brightness with long working hours and long lifespan are project's deciding factors. 

    Circuit Dimensions (mm):

    circuit diagram

    Basic Connection: 

    driver controller setup


    • Model: LM-ST5060RGB
    • Led Type: 5050 RGB
    • Led Quantity: 150 LED ( 30/m)
    • Power: 38W (7.5W/m)
    • Colour Temperature: RGB
    • Lumens: -
    • Input Power: 12V DC
    • FPC Type: 10mm Dual Layer, 3oz copper
    • Length: 5000 mm
    • Spacing Between LED: 28 mm
    • Minimum Cut: 100 mm
    • Projection Distance: 300 - 500mm
    • Coating Material: Silicon/PU Composite
    • Lifespan: 50 000 hours
    • IP Rating: IP 65 (Indoor Use)
    • Outdoor applications: Not Recommended
    • Certification: CE, FCC

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