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Walle 12 LED Profile

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Walle 12 LED Profile
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    Lumeno Walle12 aluminum surface mounted profile is innovative and new approach to coving. New design of Walle12 provides installations of coving with lighting options. Provides a modern aesthetic and a professional finish to a wide range of lighting applications. Unique design of Walle12 gives variety of possible installations, covings, wall washers, wall lamps, ceiling light features, plinth lighting.

    Create Unique Atmosphere

    With its minimalistic look, the profile makes it possible to arrange subtle lighting in the interiors of various character. It is particularly useful to highlight delicate-texture walls or wallpapers. Vertical installation accentuates open passages between rooms, stairs, wall recesses and entrances.


    The aluminum channel houses and protects your LED strips from dust and physical contact. Made from anodized Aluminum. Available in two colors white and silver (aluminum).Walle12 providing all required heat dissipation to prolong life span of LED strip. Suitable for most LED strips up to 12mm in width. Lumeno provides custom project services to required specification. (Prefabricate strips and channels to desire requirements for easy installation)

    Create Your Own Coving

    Artificial Coving


    • Interior design
    • Walls
    • Ceilings
    • Covings
    • Plinth
    • lighting
    • Entertainment center lighting
    • Various Custom type lighting solutions

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