LED Aluminium Profiles

To broaden strip lighting applications, Lumeno lighting have introduced a range of high quality aluminium extrusions/profiles that turn any flexible light strips into a complete light fixture. Whether its glass cabinet light, kitchen press luminaire, ceiling linear light, wardrobe light or a stylish wall lamp, there is a profile for each and every application. With the growing need for brighter and more powerful flexible lights, heat generated by LED’s became a limiting factor when using higher wattage LED's. Keeping LED lighting at a stable working temperature is one of the key factors in reaching required and expected lifespan. To counter this issue use of aluminium heat sink became the only right solution.

Lumeno aluminium profiles provide perfect temperature dissipation, keeping strips and rigid PCB bars of up-to 35W/meter under 40°. This was achieved by using high quality aluminium and as a result our customers can be provided with a complete lighting solution for custom build luminaries.
Being an additional heat-sink isn’t the only reason for using aluminium channel. Combined with a stylish design, and a selection of quality UV-Proof diffusers (supplied with any profile) strips become a light fixture that can be made to an exact length and size based on custom requirements.

One of our most popular models is AL-SL7, a 7mm high quality anodised aluminium channel with capacity to take up-to 12mm strip/rigid bars with 30W/m temperature control. The profile is performing as the heat sink to the lights and appears as nice, stylish housing for the LEDs itself. It comes with choice of three different quality UV resistant, snap-in diffusers, frosted, 50% frosted and transparent. SL7 is completed by a range of accessories such us mounting clips, linear connectors and end-cups for finishing touch. For details about different types of aluminium channels please browse Lumeno product catalogue.

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