WARP RGBW LED Control System

Lumeno WARP is a versatile, multi-device LED control system. Designed to unify device interaction within controllable and easy to manage closed wireless network.  Device interconnectivity has been achieved by standardisation of communication protocols in central receiving units. WARP series is in fact a system based on uniform receiver technology with flexible input/output parameters. The core of WARP range is based on CTRC1009 receiver/controller series providing up-to 4 LED control channels (i.e. RGBW). It is a universal controller for dimming of single colour lights, colour changing RGB(W) as well as light temperature control(CCT) of various type LED lights. 1009 series comes with different input/output variations offering multiple voltage options (12-36V).  
Versatility of 1009 series lies in its dual bandwidth RF frequency range and ability to synchronize between multiple receivers in master-slave mode.  Above it all, receiving unit can be coded with up-to 8 different human controlled interfaces i.e. remote control, wall-module, Wi-Fi etc. 
One of the most important features is cross platform compatibility of WARP controllers. Same interfaces can work with DMX512 masters, triac-dimmers, 0-10V dimmers providing more configuration options as well as a wider compatibility with existing installations. 
 warp rgbw

Key Features

  • WARP Series Controllers provide easy to use human operated or automated interfaces available in remote control format or a modern wall-plate
  • One remote can work with multiple receivers as well as single receiver can be controlled by multiple interfaces(remotes). 
  • Transform WARP receivers into a dimming system by pairing them with one of many dimming interfaces (CT2819DIM remote, CT2810DIM module).
  • WARP allows you to group various voltage lights using multiple receivers keeping the simultaneous light control over them with one or multiple interfaces.
  • Divide project areas into sections with different lights settings and gain full control over them using one of the remote controllers with up-to 10 zone settings.
  • Wifi controllable via IOS or Android APP

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