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Product Code: LM-ST3528
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  • Lumeno LED Cristal Strips are a modern, eco friendly background illumination lights. LED Strip can be used in a vast range of applications, from professional advertising solutions to general - domestic, decorative lighting. Cristal strips are ideal for replacing fluorescent tubes in cove lighting, sign lighting, under counter lighting and any other in-direct-light applications. Supplied with 3M self adhesive tape at the back, LED strip lights are easy to install and maintenance free.

    Lumeno Cristal LED Strips are made using high brightness 3528 SMD LEDS and high quality white PCB. LEDs are divided into 3 units / 50mm circuits for precise installation. Each section/circuit is marked on the surface of strip with a visible cutting mark, and large copper contact points (DC +/-) for rejoining (or soldering).

    To make the installation easier, a selection of plugs and connectors is also available. For professional/commercial installations a proper soldering is recommended to assure solid and lasting connections between cut lengths is provided. Each length of strips requires 2A (12V) current, for maximum light output.

    Circuit Dimensions (mm):


    Available Models:

    Model Number  Colour  Length  LED Qty LED Type Light Output
    LM-ST3528-WW Warm White (3000K)  5000mm   60 LED/m 3528 SMD
    400LM / m
    LM-ST3528-NW Natural White (4000K) 420LM / m
    LM-ST3528-CW Cool White (6000K) 450LM / m
    LM-ST3528-B Blue 80LM / m
    LM-ST3528-G Green 280LM / m
    LM-ST3528-R Red 150LM / m
    LM-ST3528-Y Yellow 220LM / m
    LM-ST3528-A Amber 180LM / m
    LM-ST3528-IB Ice Blue (>10000K) 260LM / m
    LM-ST3528-GY Golden Yellow ( <2000K) 280LM / m
    • Model: LM-ST3528
    • Led Type: 3528 SMD (7-8LM)
    • Led Quantity: 300 LED ( 60/m)
    • Power: 24W (4.8 Watt /m)
    • Colour Temperature: 3000K/4500K/6000K
    • Lumens: up-to 450 LM / m (cool white)
    • Input Power: 12V DC
    • FPC Type: 8mm Dual Layer, 2oz copper
    • Length: 5000 mm
    • Spacing Between LED: n/a
    • Minimum Cut: 50mm
    • Projection Distance: 250-300mm
    • Coating Material: Silicon/PU
    • Lifespan: 50 000 hours
    • IP Rating: IP65
    • Outdoor applications: No
    • Certification: CE, FCC
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