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S-Series LED Strip

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Product Code: LM-ST3528S
LM-STS3528 LM-STS3528
  • S-Series are an innovative additions to Lumeno strip variety. These unique flexible strips were designed to provide dual-axis bending with ease of installation around corners, not possible with standard strip which only can bend one way. High brightness with 72LED/m @ 8-9LM per led makes this strip useful not only as an architectural feature but also finds it's applications in sign making.

    Circuit Dimensions:

    Circuit Dimmentions


    • Cove Lighting,
    • Corridors, Windows, Archways,
    • Backlighting, edgelighting, signage,
    • Path and contour marking,
    • Decorative lighting for events, shows and exhibitions,

    Available models:

    Model Number  Colour  Length  LED Qty LED Type Light Output
    LM-ST3528S-WW Warm White (3000K)  5000mm   72 LED/m 3528 SMD
    468LM / m
    LM-ST3528S-NW Natural White (4000K) 480LM / m
    LM-ST3528S-CW Cool White (6000K) 504LM / m

    • Model: LM-ST3528S
    • Led Type: 3528 SMD (8-9LM)
    • Led Quantity: 360 LED ( 72/m)
    • Power: 29 Watt
    • Input Power: 12V DC
    • FPC Type: 6mm Dual Layer, 2oz copper
    • Length: 5000 mm
    • Minimum Cut: 40 mm
    • Projection Distance: 250-300mm
    • Coating Material: Nano-Coating (IP66)
    • Lifespan: 50 000 hours
    • IP Rating: IP67 (Indoor)
    • Outdoor applications: No
    • Certification: CE, FCC

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